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Landfill and sky

Embracing the Open Box

Have you ever wondered what happened to that coffee grinder you returned because you ended up finding one in the back of your cabinet? Turns out, it does not just go back out on the floor, even if it is unused.

The truth is, many returned products go through this same narrative. But what happens to the product after that? Two things usually occur. Either the products are sold at a high discount to other companies, or those same products end up being discarded and in landfills.

Reverse logistics is a tricky business, but there are companies out there who are trying to make this process easier and more sustainable. That's where we come in.

Bargaineer's goal is to extend those products' life cycles by allowing people to purchase products as "open-box." This means that the product has been opened and maybe gently used or unpackaged. Essentially, the product is in good shape, but the box might not be.

We pride ourselves on bringing our customers great deals, even if they aren't in the perfect box.

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