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About Us

At Bargaineer, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the recommerce and recovery management space.




Welcome to Bargaineer – Your Premier Destination for Liquidation Deals

Bargaineer is a discount retailer based in Kansas City, Missouri. We aim to extend product life-cycles while providing customers with high-quality, affordable products because we believe that everyone should have access to sustainable, budget-friendly options. 

Who we are

Bargaineer has a cross functional team of 4 who work to find great products for our customers. Together, they combine knowledge, skill, and dedication to run Bargaineer's 4 selling avenues.

How we do it

You might wonder where we get our products or how we are able to offer such low prices. We source our products from auctions who receive products from all over the United States. Every auction is different, but we work endlessly to find the diamond in the ruff.