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Our goal is to bring our customers good products for great prices while keeping those products our of landfills.
Bargaineer Warehouse Entrance

Solving Pain Points

Do you need warehouse space or to sell excess inventory? Bargaineer is an overstock, liquidation, and wholesale buyer who aims to alleviate warehouse pains by being a premier warehouse solution.

We have various selling platforms that allow us to bring your inventory to new audiences.

Whether you are looking to sell excess inventory, liquidation, or consign items, we work with companies to turn excess products into profit.

Bargaineer warehouse pallet racking

Flexible Selling Options

Bargaineer runs an automated warehouse designed to track inventory and sales that allow for increased visibility and confidence. Bargaineer has sales avenues that allow for different velocities of items based on market demand.

Whether it's a local auctions or online listings, we aim to give new life to excess and open-box products by keeping them out of landfills and in the hands of happy customers with our competitive pricing strategy.

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